Tom Dillon

Tom Dillon, chief executive officer of Millennium Knight, Inc., is responsible for supporting the technology initiatives for mission-critical systems, applications, programs and administrative functions for The Yocca Law Firm LLP and all clients supported by his company.

Tom created Millennium Knight in 2002 to support small and mid-sized companies that wanted to use technology as effectively as Fortune 500 companies. He currently is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all administrative, production technology, telecommunications, wide area networking, local area networking, desktop support, IT security, disaster recovery planning, applications training and support, and records management for all managed support clients of Millennium Knight, Inc.

Millennium Knight, Inc. works with its clients, finding the best balance of needed technology to maximize the return on technology investments and increase the client’s bottom line. Tom developed his corporate systems support experience with career engagements at The Los Angeles Times, Transamerica Life Companies, PDI Management Services, Word & Brown Companies, and helped launch several internet start-ups during his professional career in systems support and software development.

Tom’s 32 years of professional work experience include systems and development positions at:

• Systems at The Los Angeles Times

• Director at Transamerica Life Companies (now AEGON)

• Director at The BigFNI.COM (Finance and Insurance underwriting solutions for Automotive Industry)

• CIO at PDI Management (Financial Asset Management)

• Senior Management at Word & Brown Companies (Medical Insurance)

Tom Dillon studied electrical engineering and computer design at Ohio State University in Columbus.